After devoting 28 years of my life to teaching in France, I decided to launch into a new, more manual career. As I had been a steeple chase rider, a specialist in equestrian eventing and a horse-ball player for over twenty years, I quite naturally decided to turn to leather work and saddlery as well as harnessing. I trained under the supervision of a master saddler who was rewarded as the top saddler at the Haras National de Vendée. I got my degree in July 2012 and opened my workshop in Normanville in October 2012.

ecause I developed a partnership with several French tanneries, I can complete – mainly by hand and following ancestral know-how – all the harnessing you need for your horses, donkeys and dogs (halters, bridles, snaffle bridles, gaiters, harnesses and collars), and also all your leather items (bracelets, belts, bags, suitcases, pencil cases, cases, sheathes, holsters etc.)

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